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Pardot Cookie Consent

Get cookie compliance tools that align with Pardot for best-in-class web privacy GDPR management or make the ones you have work for you!

Our cookie consent astronaut

Why do I need this?

Because everybody needs to be privacy compliant online at the risk of big fines (especially in Europe). Visitors are also becoming increasingly aware of their rights and industry best practice, so we all need to be particularly vigilant. More importantly, any conscious prospect choice is marketing insight!

There are myths around Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) users being able to pay their way out of cookie consent management needs thanks to some of the great subscription-based options available like CookieBot, OneTrust or Iubenda, but these are partly unfounded.

Even with great paid consent management tools, you need to align with Pardot

The Pardot opt-in mechanism is best-in-class amongst Marketing Automation Platforms thanks to its new consent and tracking API's sophisticated array of options but this means it does not align with a third-party tool without further code customisation!

We can build a fully operational consent banner for you

Finally, if you have no cookie consent banner in place on your website at all, we can build a free script for you (no subscription needed) and customise it for your other third-party tracking systems alongside Pardot (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook and Linkedin pixels, Hotjar etc).
And more:

  • One-time investment and fully customised for all your main systems
  • Add-ons to gain marketing insights from web tracking consent logs alongside mailability fields in Pardot and Salesforce

Make your cookies consent compliant here:

Check out our new solutions.

Putting the cookie acceptance & revocation mechanism for these additional 3rd party cookies behind the Pardot Cookie Consent Banner.


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